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What are the benefits?

Creating Order, Giving you Control

FlowCentric simplifies processes. That is Flowcentric mission and goal. We strive to empower business users to be in control of their processes. Flowcentric objectives are to make processes clear, visible and easy to manage. Business may be complex but processes needn't be. FlowCentric is differentiated in the market by Flowcentric in-depth understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other business applications; the processes that support them; and the process controls required to govern them.

'How can I Clearly Differentiate your Business from Competitors?'

The answer is simple: by improving and streamlining your business processes, you will be able to meet your customers’ requirements faster, better and for less cost, simply by ensuring that the manner in which your tasks are structured and synchronised, and the manner in which information flows through your organisation is optimised.

FlowCentric is a business rules based Business Process Management (BPM) solution, which ties systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI) together with people and processes.

'How does FlowCentric create more Effective and Efficient Organisations?'

The suite automates, simplifies and streamlines processes, people and systems solving real world business problems across all disciplines and industries. It allows Flowcentric clients to fully realise their return on their existing investments in IT, infrastructure and people.

'How will FlowCentric Benefit my Staff?'

Day-to-day end users

FlowCentric solutions can integrate into your existing ERP, CRM and other BI systems, giving you one interface which can retrieve all other system data within your business. Day-to-day end users will only need to be trained on the easy to use FlowCentric Navigator; yet can access information from all the other systems across the organisation. This makes change management incredibly easy.

Staff members will only need to remember one login name and one password to access all the systems they need to perform their daily tasks. This not only makes their lives much easier but tightens internal security. As per normal security systems passwords need to be changed regularly, but one password accesses all. Your staff will no longer have passwords taped to the underside of their keyboards!

The FlowCentric solution supports your way of working, be it in the office or out on the road. We understand that many of Flowcentric customers need to have access to all their business critical processes anytime, anywhere.

Day-to-day end users create and respond to activities from within Microsoft Office Outlook or through internet and mobile browsers interfaces. Support for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) makes FlowCentric ideal for corporate intranets and document-centric process management.

The FlowCentric solution has multi language support, permitting staff to view processes in the language of their choice. This promotes an even better understanding and allows identical processes to be customised according to regional language requirements.

Building your own systems

The FlowCentric Processware Process Suite is designed in a similar fashion to the familiar Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon bar and uses embedded Visio stencils for process design. These features give you a relatively intuitive and easy to learn interface for process owners.

Many companies have to outsource the customisation of their ERP systems to specialists, indirectly exposing many internal company ‘secrets’. Despite how powerful the FlowCentric Processware Process Suite is, it is designed by business users for business users and is therefore relatively easy to use. Designated team members can be trained and company processes can be built and maintained in-house. Keeping your process secrets safely away from competitors!

How is FlowCentric beneficial to me?

Saves you time by eradicating unnecessary paper work

Saves you money with quicker process turnaround times

Reduces your risks by introducing stringent controls and full audit trails

Refines your processes and ensures you are more agile than many of your competitors

Simplifies your business, allowing you to focus on improvement and profit

Connects all systems with one interface

Empowers you to take charge of, and create your own processes

Works the way you work, not based on generic business principles

Processes are accessible 24/7 via Internet, Mobile, Outlook, SharePoint and more

Gives you an accurate, unbiased perspective on your business and procedures

Gives you control over your business

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