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What can flowcentric do?


Banking &



Health & Government


& Supply Chain


Industries inc. Legal

Automation of Procurement Processes. Example: Integrate ERP AP, ERP Projects, ERP MRP where applicable, CRM, BI Historical Data, email approvals and notifications and Credit Checking applications to minimise data entry, data error and data duplication.



Also automate mortgage applications and underwriting.


Also automate tenders and management of vendors approved for government panels.


Also automate purchase requisitions with Plant or Asset Maintenance and ERP.


Also automate vendor contract performance management.

Automation of HR Processes. Examples: Fully automate leave approval process including auto-entry of employee details from HR systems, email approval and integration with scheduling software. Automate on-boarding, including training and ordering of equipment, across systems and departments. Automate the processes associated with an employee ceasing work.



Also automate referral to Federal banking records.


Also automate management of relief or locum staff.




Also automate incident and claims management.


Also automate performance management.

Automation of Business Development: Examples: Handles stand alone Customer Management, or in conjunction with an existing CRM and Outlook system. On-line, remotely, stand alone or with integration to ERP, CRM, BI and forecasting tools, view and analyse sales data, create new accounts, enter sales orders, manage opportunities, create and manage B2C and B2B e-Commerce, track and control sales order links with purchase orders and manage rebates.



Also automate debt collection.


Also automate public websites where applications are lodged.


Also automate credit management.


Also automate client contract management.

Automation of Inventory Management: Examples: Extend current ERP functionality and Fleet Optimisation solutions by automating routing of sold inventory and automating Web-based Warehouse Management Solution with Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices.  Automate stock and cycle counting, receiving, put-away, picking, packing, dispatch and shipping processes. Automate unique inspection or QA processes based on business rules (supplier or item based). Manage dynamic binning matrix based on business rules (Seasonal demand etc.)




Use these functions to manage internal assets.


Also automate requisitioning based on data & rules related to asset management & other relevant parameters from disparate systems.


Also automate RMA (Return Material Authorisation) and changes to inventory parameters for exception management.



Use these functions to manage internal assets and the scheduling of people and work.

Automation of Production Management: Examples:  Automate warranty or service contract management inc. financial aspects, returns, claims assessment, adjudication, technical & failure reports & counter claims. Automate Shop-floor data collection, quality management, inspection hold points, approvals and testing and certification processes.  Fully integrate production processes with ISO 9000 processes and ERP solutions.   Automate Job Control processes for jobbing, batch and continuous production environments.


Note: Production management disciplines can be used to improve the efficiency of processes in all organisations regardless of whether they manufacture as all organisations produce something physical or service related


Also automate and audit loan application management inc.  Application processing, risk  management, and credit  verification.

Also automate insurance claims.


Also automate New product, portfolio or policy development inc. business case, needs analysis, costing and approval. Manage and automate CAPEX approval.


Also automate product configuration & change control inc. status, drawing revisions etc.

Automate Container  and  Demurrage  management  inc.

shipping  containers  tacking &  related

import/export documentation.


Automate safety, health, environment and Quality  processes  based

on  ISO 9000,  ISO 14000 and  ISO 18000. Manage all aspects

including concessions and reporting.

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