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What is a Process?

Everything is a process. Every action from the mundane, like making coffee, to the most intricate parts of your business follows a set of logical steps. This is where your true competitive advantage lies. You can do things better, faster and more cost effectively than your competitors.




Making a cup coffee sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

Have you ever thought about the details that go into this task?

  • Who is the coffee for?
  • What do they want?
  • What do they expect?
  • How will I meet customer expectations on time and within budget?

How to make a cup of coffee using BMP Principals

Gather The Relevant Information:

  • What kind of coffee would you like?
  • Single or double espresso shot?
  • Would you like straight or white coffee?
  • Would you like full cream or fat free? 
    Full cream
  • Would you like sugar, sweetener or plain?
  • How many sugars?
    1 cube
  • Tall or short?

Making it work (AKA The Process):

You will notice that the coffee is not made in the same order in which the information was gathered. Why? Because my coffee making process is unique and I have streamlined these steps in order to reduce my risks, save me time, money and output the best product with the least effort possible. Does that concept sound familiar to you?

  • Take short coffee mug
  • Pour in full cream creamer
  • Pour in single espresso shot of Arabica
  • Add one cube of sugar
  • Stir and serve

Customer receives exactly what they want, with minimal margin of error.

Those extra details that keep Customers Coming Back...

Refining the process

You may find at some stage that your customers request things like cinnamon sprinkles as garnishing. This is one of the many places where FlowCentrics true value comes to the fore. As powerful as they may be, traditional ERP systems are built on the best practise of other businesses. ERPs are known in the industry as Liquid Cement. Meaning, while setting them up for your business they are relatively flexible, but once they are set they are very difficult to customise. FlowCentric is an incredibly flexible product; it offers a highly efficient, affordable and speedy way to customise your processes. Ensuring that you stay a step ahead of your competitors!

Adding "The Trimmings" as an additional option for your business is so simple. Please feel free to set up an appointment with your nearest FlowCentric representative to see just how easy!


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