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Where does flowcentric fit in?

'Where does FlowCentric BPM fit in with all the technical solutions I already have?'

FlowCentric BPM is not simply improving and mapping workflow. FlowCentric BPM begins with business rules which underlie processes and focuses on automating and integrating systems and people through processes and technology.

Unlike straightforward Workflow, which is essentially process mapping, FlowCentric BPM addresses questions such as ‘why’ and ‘within which parameters’ is an activity performed? The FlowCentric approach, as well as the objective of automation and integration differentiates the FlowCentric BPM system from workflow.

FlowCentric BPM can offer one portal for all business processes (including ERP, CRM, email etc), allowing for a truly seamless environment where process best practice can be followed, continuously improved, automated where possible, measured and audited. It extends, completes and complements all the software that precedes it, including Workflow, Document Management, BI, CRM, ERP, HR, Knowledge Management and bespoke and vertical systems.

Although FlowCentric BPM is vendor neutral, it is however designed to fully extend and utilise the Microsoft stack of technologies including Microsoft SharePoint. FlowCentric BPM, does not focus on human to machine processes, it seeks to improve all processes of a business, treating each as an asset worth valuing, standardising, measuring and continuously improving.

Please click on this link for a visual representation of how FlowCentric will fit into your business.

'Why automate my Financial Processes?'

Computer based systems are more accurate, more sophisticated and less prone to error than manual systems of accounting.

'How will the Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities of FlowCentric benefit me?'

Business Intelligence (BI) is not about data and two-dimensional reporting. It allows for one view of the organisation across all departments, systems and disciplines. The achieved aim of BI is to enable better and faster decision making, often through exception related reporting. FlowCentrics' BI capabilities give executives high-level decision making power, which disparate data from other systems could not provide with the same ease.

'Why is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system so important?'

Sales people need to track so much more than Debtor or Prospect details and need integration with email, which FlowCentric provides. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems track all activity which is not transactionally based for all of the organisation’s contacts. A CRM systems' Return On Investment (ROI) is seldom realised without BPM and subsequent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration. FlowCentric gives you one interface to link to all of these systems, which means most staff will only require training on one system. Change Management is made easy. Costs are saved on staff training .

'How important is an effective Human Resource (HR) process to me?'

The employment market has become more competitive. Employers now need to provide career management, behave intelligently in their search for new talent, retain staff and properly certify and train staff. FlowCentric streamlines your HR processes, offering businesses a Human Resource competitive edge, which is now a basic requirement for successful business.

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