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ePages.net Consulting Services

ePages.net Consulting Services

  • Framework

    Simplify and Automate

    At ePages.NET Consulting, we pride ourselves on 2 core principles. These principles drive all the elements in our consulting services and our solutions from envisioning to deployment and later to post deployment. These principles are ‘Simplify and Automate’.

    Having these 2 core pillars as our framework, allows us to use more than just technology to deliver leading edge solutions on an ongoing basis. We use technology, with structured process and best practice methodology, which allows our solutions to be as efficient as possible.

    Being Microsoft GOLD partners, means we are passionate about best of breed advice, solutions and deployments based on the Microsoft Windows and Applications platform. We ensure businesses benefit by gearing our solutions towards excellence in implementation operational efficiency.

    ‘Simplify and Automate’, allows us to have the necessary tools in place to increase system recovery and responsiveness. The ePages.NET consulting framework allows us to implement systems, applications and have the necessary tools in place for end-end systems management.

    We apply ‘Simplify and Automate’ to all IT infrastructure elements, thus enabling a complete, proactive and responsive solution.

    Whether it is desktop or server related issues, The EPages.NET solutions framework allows for increased management, self-healing and performance-tuning characteristics. The net result of this is to reduce reactive responses to issues that could possibly be averted.

  • Customer Focused


    Lower TCO

    ePages.NET is a customer focused organization. We ensure that our business always prioritizes the customer, and our framework caters for this at every stage of the implementation. Lowering the overall total cost of managing systems is always at the forefront of our solutions to customers. EPages.NET consulting services, delivers services that provide customers with a lower cost in managing that solution. Irrespective of whether a solution is desktop, server or application oriented, we use processes within the technology that allow automated mechanisms that lower the cost to manage it.

    Faster Response

    When implementing a new technology into an organization, our layers of management allow us to work mobile and support mobile. We implement remote support tools to support client-side infrastructure without being limited to geography. All servers will be connected securely to the internet. Certain features will be setup to allow us to remote support that environment. This is setup in a very secure fashion, so that only allowed individuals, applications and workstations will be given access for remote support.

    All ePages.NET consulting staff are equipped with laptops and remote connectivity to the internet, thereby allowing ePages.NET consulting teams to dial-into a customer network to resolve issues across geographical boundaries. The end-result is a much faster turn-around time in how we do business. Clients can benefit from remote support, with remote tools for logging calls, and remote control tools for accessing , both desktops and workstations from any location in the world.

    Operational Efficiency

    When managing server infrastructure, we make extensive use of remote security consoles and applications that provide automated scheduling tasks. As a result, we are able to automate a significant portion of the lifecycle of servers and applications. The ePages.NET framework operates on the premise that, we are informed of a potential problem before it becomes a reality.

    Through the use of security, patching and monitoring software setup, eEPages.NET Consulting Services will be able to resolve an issue before it becomes a crippling issue. For example, our software allows us to provide capacity planning to the customer, and if disk is about to run out, we are able to monitor, and rectify before, the limiting disk issue becomes a mission critical issue to the customer.

    With any implementation, day to day running and managing of infrastructure is where we place most of our intelligence with software. We do not simply focus on an implementation; we focus on HOW that implementation sustains itself in the long term.

    Reduce Hardware

    Reducing the number of servers that require management is fundamental to our mantra o ‘Simplify and Automate’. The smaller the footprint, the less issues that surface.

    When providing robust server solutions, we implement virtualized servers, thus replacing the physical footprint significantly. We implement larger single servers rather than multiple smaller servers. This reduces the cost of managing servers significantly. It reduces the power requirement costs and facilities support costs.

    Fewer servers always means, less maintenance costs, and so where possible, we ‘migrate’ customers physical servers to ‘virtualized’ servers.

  • End-to-End Systems Management

    We provide a rich set of consulting services which range from desktop management services to server management services as well as application integration. By focusing on Management, Security, Performance and Integration, we ensure that a solution is specifically tailored to the stated requirements. Our core pillars that enable us deliver on our strategy to ‘Simplify and Automate’, are:


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