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Your important data lives everywhere in your organization. But you need the ability to turn it into knowledge that you can use and act on to make it valuable for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM helps you make the most of all your information. Pinpoint opportunities and risks in strategic plans, look into your sales pipeline, analyze key performance indicators—then gain insights that can help you forecast and plan for the future.

You’ll get a detailed view within an environment you already know—Microsoft Outlook. So your team at every level and department can easily access information and put it to use. Microsoft CRM helps everyone do their job better, creating a more profitable company overall.   

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps You Benefit From Your Business Data

From high-level summaries of your business’ health to custom reports about a particular segment, Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you insights that can make you more proactive to your customers’ needs and your company’s opportunities.

Powerful features offer benefits to make everyone—from top executives to sales managers—more responsive to changing business conditions.

Turn Information to Action

Using predictive analytics, Microsoft Dynamics CRM analytics tools turn CRM data into useful, actionable information that can boost revenue and customer retention.

Prioritize Leads

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can prioritize those leads that are most likely to convert to opportunities, based on historical analysis of previous leads.

Recommend Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

Pinpoint opportunities by identifying products and services that the customer is most likely to purchase, based on past purchase histories of the customer and similar customers.

Generate Target Prospect Lists

In marketing campaigns, Microsoft Dynamics CRM analytics can generate prospect lists based on the likelihood that each prospect will convert to a customer with the campaign.

Combine Data

Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to combine data with integrated workflow to respond in real-time to business changes. 

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