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Transform Opportunities Into Sales

If you empower your sales force to do their jobs more effectively, you’ll drive sales. That’s why Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM helps your salespeople become more efficient, manage teams, and better access decision-driving information.

From the office or the road, sales reps have comprehensive, easy-to-customize sales force automation capabilities that let them quickly connect to data, respond to customers, and capitalize on opportunities as they happen.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful sales edge for your team—and a huge driver for your business’ success.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Empowers Your Entire Sales Cycle

Ensure a shorter sales cycle, achieve higher close rates, and improve customer retention. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it’s never been easier.

Rich, highly integrated features streamline and automate your sales processes and strategy, so your team can do what they do best: sell.

Manage Work More Easily

Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers customer relationship management functionality as a natural extension of Microsoft Outlook. In other words, you already know how to use it. All your customer e-mails, appointments, tasks, and contacts are here, in one place so you’re ready to focus on sales, not administration.

Understand Your Customers Better

When you understand your customers’ needs more fully, you can foster better relationships with them. Get a centralized, customizable view of their preferences and activity history so you can be more responsive to their needs.

Improve Sales Qualification

Who are your best prospects? When you know this, you can focus your efforts and spend time cultivating the relationships. Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets you easily access your data and get a clear picture of your top leads and prospects.

Increase Sales Success

You know what works and what doesn’t so create workflows that help automate those successful processes. Lead and opportunity management, automated lead routing, enforceable qualification methodologies, sales process management, and competitor tracking become more consistent, so you can be more productive. The result: you’ll shorten your sales cycle and improve win rates.

Keep Customers Informed

When new products and services are available, every second counts. You can push information to your customers automatically with simple, wizard-driven sales and marketing tools that get your message out. You’ll open up new avenues, without any additional effort.

Analyze Sales Performance

View where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going; flexible reporting arms you with the knowledge to identify trends, problems, and opportunities. Forecast sales, measure business activity and performance, track sales and service success—you’ll see what it takes to do even better.

Work Anywhere And Everywhere

You can’t be everywhere at once, but Microsoft Dynamics CRM can. Access full sales functionality online or offline through Microsoft Outlook, or work from any location using the Web client or Microsoft Windows Mobile®–based Pocket PC.

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