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How connected is your company? Not to other sources, but to each other?

The most productive organizations share information across teams, divisions—the whole company—to proactively manage data and automate business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM gives you these powerful workflow capabilities so you can put your data to work more quickly and consistently across all your systems and lines of business.

Empower everyone to capture best work practices and share them across your company. Enable employees to create their own workflows to fine-tune processes for their peers. Create workflow libraries that are immediately accessible to everyone.

And since information is viewed within the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface, its simple to integrate the workflow features.

Your business becomes more collaborative when you put Microsoft Dynamics CRM to work—and that keeps you at peak productivity.  

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Benefits Your Business Workflow

Make your business processes more predictable, improve efficiency, and guarantee consistent execution.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you integrated features that help you share data, workflows and work best practices across your entire company so all your lines of business run more smoothly and profitably. 

Easily Share Data

Share across all lines of your business. A Web-based workflow wizard empowers end-users to capture their best work practices and share them with their team, division, and company, without requiring IT involvement. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also includes team, division, and system workflow libraries, making workflows easier to store and find.

Manage Data More Proactively

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 adds support for the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), providing a single standard for workflows across systems. For example, the creation of a customer quote document in a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server document library could launch a workflow that executes actions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Automate Business Processes

Automate how you use and manage data. For example, workflow can be used to automatically provision new sales leads based on criteria such as territory or opportunity size. This helps you put data to work more quickly and consistently by automating your processes.

Increase Productivity

Connect all your lines of business, capture best work practices in easy-to-access locations and empower your teams to share information. The result is a more streamlined, mission-focused business that competes more efficiently and consistently.  

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