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SharePoint Planning and Deployment

Untitled Document One of the critical success factors for a successful SharePoint deployment is the pre-project planning and specification stage. One should not underestimate the importance of this stage of the project as it can result in significant savings in future changes to the structure of SharePoint.

Numerous studies into the overall long-term costs of various IT projects suggest that is can cost 8-10 times as much for a change to the required functionality that is identified late in the deployment process compared to the requirement being specified pre-deployment. With this in mind, ePages undertakes an extensive planning phase in conjunction with our client and all the relevant stakeholders within the business. To assist in this task, we make use of some or all of the following planning worksheets thereby ensuring that all requirements, where reasonably possible’ have been accommodated.

Worksheet Title

Worksheet Purpose

Administrators and owners worksheet

Record owners for each site collection and site. 

Analyze document usage worksheet

Record information gathered when analyzing document usage. 

Article pages worksheet

Plan fields for content pages. 

Authentication methods worksheet

Plan and record authentication methods to be allowed in your environment.

Availability plan worksheet

Identify redundancy requirements and plan availability options for server roles.

Business data worksheet

Plan for information architecture based on the taxonomy of key concepts and business processes. 

Content type worksheet

Plan a content type. 

Crawl and query search features worksheet)

Plan and record crawl and search settings. 

Custom permission levels and groups worksheet

Record custom permission levels and groups that need to be created. 

Data connections for form templates worksheet

Plan InfoPath Forms Services data connections. 

Deploy administrator-approved form template

Record information to plan administrator-approved form templates. 

Determine sites worksheet

Identify top-level sites needed for the solution and the features to investigate for each site. 

Document libraries worksheet

Plan libraries based on sites and on document types. 

Document library for retaining records worksheet

Plan a document library for retaining records. 

Document management stakeholders and participants worksheet

Identify document management planning stakeholders and record document management practices. 

Estimate data capacity requirement

Record information to help capacity planning. 

Estimate peak throughput worksheet

Record each type of site access to determine peak throughput required. 

External data connections worksheet

Plan for Excel Services by recording the names of .odc files and the locations of corresponding external data sources.

Information architecture worksheet

Plan information architecture based on the taxonomy of key concepts and business processes. 

Layout pages worksheet

Plan layout pages for Web pages. 

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